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Every moment is precious, even the ones behind me.. (by Konstantina Tzagaraki)
Cold Shoulder (by Sarah Mikaela)
Green At Heart (by Ebba Zingmark)
M O N U M E N T (by Daniil Shamatrin)
Stay Alive (by Margo B)
Long kimono (by Marta M)
A date with myself (by Maara Acuña)http://stripedtees.blogspot.mx/2014/07/a-date-with-yourself.html#more

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Su-su-sugar town. (by Kerti P.)
Skirt with buttons  (by Borjana R.)
Beach life (by Laura Views)
FADE INTO YOU. (by Rachel-Marie Iwanyszyn)
SAFARI (by Viktoriya Sener)
Kind of Blue (by Flávia Desgranges van der Linden)
You’re just a Hideaway. You’re just a Feeling. (by Tneale Williams)
Since you’ve Chosen, to Leave me Frozen. (by Tneale Williams)