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Back to school (by Maara Acuña)

"To pray is to breathe alongside God."

- Dietrich Bonhoeffer (via idlovetobeyourgirlfriend)

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God often times takes us to the point of questioning, then He makes a way; and the glory of His answers will almost always cause us to weep. I truly believe that we must be willing to step out, there will be circumstances that don’t always go right, but the end result will be the glorification of Christ.

He is the only thing worth living for! And through living for Him; we bring life to all we encounter.


- T.B. LaBerge // Go Now (via tblaberge)

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headlinepositive preguntó: How do you know if someone will hemp you grow in God? I'm currently dating someone and I wanted a relationship with God as the foundation, but I don't think we have that. How do I create that?


Let me first confess that I haven’t ever been in a dating relationship that helped me grow in God. However, I have seen many and I will do my best to answer your question from my observations and my own thoughts based on Bible readings/discussions. Just take it with a grain of salt, ya know? 

If someone is helping you grow in God, you’ll know. He’ll encourage you to read your Bible and pray about everything. He’ll constantly push you towards loving God over himself with the words that he says. His first instinct should be to turn to God and not you. I think that a God-centered relationship is vastly different from dating relationships where God is not in the center. And I think it is very important that He is, and not just on the fringe (if He’s there at all). And I can see that you think that too, so at least we’re on the right page there :) 

If you don’t think you have that, then you need to have a serious conversation with yourself.  Is there opportunity to fix that?  But to be honest, I think it should start out like that.  It’s insanely difficult to make a God-centered relationship if you already are dating.  But again, I don’t know. I’ve never done it before.  I’m sorry. 

God bless, girl! :)