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Basic twist  (by Elle-May Leckenby)
Keep your head up.. Keep your heart strong.. (by Konstantina Tzagaraki)
Dungarees for Summer (by Amy Bell)
Every moment is precious, even the ones behind me.. (by Konstantina Tzagaraki)
Cold Shoulder (by Sarah Mikaela)
Green At Heart (by Ebba Zingmark)
M O N U M E N T (by Daniil Shamatrin)
Stay Alive (by Margo B)
Long kimono (by Marta M)
A date with myself (by Maara Acuña)http://stripedtees.blogspot.mx/2014/07/a-date-with-yourself.html#more

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Su-su-sugar town. (by Kerti P.)
Skirt with buttons  (by Borjana R.)
Beach life (by Laura Views)
FADE INTO YOU. (by Rachel-Marie Iwanyszyn)
SAFARI (by Viktoriya Sener)